Dear family and friends

It has been three weeks since I sent out an update. Three weeks ago Wendy went up with me. We taught the end of  Romans chapter seven and into the first couple of verses of chapter eight. We looked at Paul’s trouble with sin. If Paul had trouble with sin who are we to think that we don’t. But Paul gives us the answer to our problem. Through Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection we are set free from sin’s power over us.

Last week we took a weeks holiday. Then on Wednesday afternoon I went up and the road was dry but that night it rained most of the night. Sevis, Misisi and Dolis came for the lesson that night. I taught Romans 8:3 and 4. The law could not make us righteous so God did it by sending His son to become one of us and take the punishment for our sin. We looked at what God did, sending His Son to die and rise again. Returned to Heaven and sending the Holy Spirit down to us. We looked at John 14:16-17 where Jesus talks about sending the Holy Spirit. Then Acts 1:4-5 where Jesus told His disciples to wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit. I asked them about the day of Pentecost and the events that occurred and they were very clear on that. Then I asked if the Holy Spirit returned to Heaven or is He still with us today and they said, “He is still with us today.” Romans 8:4 talks about us walking in the Spirit but how do we do that? In the language we used the term ‘megei nomolone’ (following). I said that the Holy Spirit works in our consciences to show us a good road and by His strength we can follow that road. We have to choose to follow that road. To get across the concept of choosing I said, “When He shows us the good road we think, ‘Will I do it or will I not do it.’ If we say, ‘I will do it’ He gives us the strength to do it.

The next night we went to Sevis’ house but no one else came so it was just Sevis and Misisi there. We decided that it would be better to do this lesson again next week and so we checked the next lesson. We have been thinking and praying about future of the Benabena work since we only have about 8 more months here. There is a desperate need for a literacy program since Sevis is the only one who can read. Part of this weeks lesson was that the Holy Spirit uses God’s word as we read it to teach us but how can that happen if they can’t read? Also there is need for more translation of the Bible. So, please pray for someone to take over the work and do that. We want to introduce the believers to you so each time we will attach a picture of one or two of the believers. This week it is Sevis, Misisi and little Elton.

With love from

David and Wendy