What a blessing to serve the Lord here at the Indian Bible College. And this month we are delighted to share with you a photojournal of our praises and prayer requests.

We are ecstatic to be using the new Student Center, and are thrilled to be dedicating it tonight and then using it for a community worship event Friday night!

Earlier this month I had the thrilling opportunity to perform the wedding of a young Native couple (above) that recently came to Christ through the ministry of our cell church, SOMA. Right before the wedding they were both baptized! The day was an incredible testimony to their friends and family, many of whom don’t know Christ. And they will be our renters while we are on sabbatical next semester! And he is planning to apply to be a full-time student at IBC next year!

IBC has recently seen tremendous progress in our accreditation work. Consider this timeline:

  • February 2014–IBC begins the accreditation process as an “Applicant Status” with the Association for Biblical Education (ABHE)
  • February 2017–IBC receives “Candidate Status” with ABHE and is considered provisionally accredited. We immediately began to pursue the OPE ID.
  • April 2017–IBC discovers that a new federal regulation requires state authorization, which the State of Arizona doesn’t do for schools that only offer religious degrees; we immediately began exploring options.
  • November 2017–It is clear that the only option is to change state law….
  • April 2018–After narrowly passing the House but unanimously passing in the Senate, the Arizona Governor signs a new law into place that allows schools like IBC to “opt in” to state authorization.

  • February 2019–IBC overcomes several challenges (including the loss of its Academic Dean) to turn in its application for state authorization.
    FINALLY, just late month in October, IBC was authorized by the State of Arizona (pictured avove). Then, just this week IBC received its OPE ID#, which proves we are accredited. We can now move on to fill out our application for Title IV (Pell Grant) funding. My wife and children threw a little “OPE ID Party” (pictured below). We praise God for sustaining us through all this by His power to sustain us through many unforeseen obstacles.

But now we need your help! Please pray for our work on our accreditation self-study, which we will be turning in on December 1st. This major project is necessary to move from “Candidate Status” to “Initial Accreditation” with ABHE.

The picture above is our “Self-Study Team” that is working very hard to turn in the best report that we can…in just more 10 days. Most of the team has been working on this since summer! Please continue to support IBC in prayer as we labor to see IBC students get the best quality transformational education we can provide!

Also, please continue to pray for our preparations for the upcoming spring sabbatical. There is much to be done to prepare the school for our absence for five months.

We are grateful for your partnership! Thank you for being a part of the team.

Jason and Sarah and family