He changes times and seasons;

he deposes kings and raises up others.

He gives wisdom to the wise

and knowledge to the discerning. Daniel 2:21 NIV

We are now well into the fall season although it is somewhat of a challenge to think of it as fall since we are now in Sanford, FL. Quite a contrast after having lived in Kennewick, Washington, for almost two full years. We will miss the change in seasons but most of all will miss those visits with our granddaughters who lived nearby.

October was a busy month. Our travel took us to Grenada Community Berean Church and their annual mission conference. It was good to hear how the Lord is working through His people in their different ministries. Plus, reconnecting with folks we hadn’t seen in years was a huge blessing! Thank you GCBC! After the conference we traveled north to western Washington where we spent time saying goodbye to family members.

After driving through parts of Oregon, Idaho and Utah it was nice to enjoy a break from behind the wheel. A stop had been planned to visit with a friend in Scenic, Arizona plus another stop in Tucson over the weekend to spend time with Diann’s sister and her husband. Enjoyable visits!

During the trip our Impala did well even though it was somewhat loaded down. The route east to Sanford, Florida covered approximately 3,400 miles.

A moving company picked up our belongings in a box truck in Kennewick, WA and sent them to Los Angeles to be transferred to a larger truck. The big rig in the photo brought our belongings to Sanford, plus the belongings of 3 other families that were relocating to Florida.

I, Dave, continue on in my role of Associate Coach at the Connection Center. Please pray that we will have a good number of individuals apply to become Associate Members with Ethnos360 and commit to serve from 1 to 4 years. There are many positions available including: business and administration, communications, construction and maintenance, education and teaching, health care, technology and more. Check out the Ethnos360 website and also check out this video that addresses some of the support ministry needs in Papua New Guinea.

Finally, we would appreciate your prayers for adjusting to living far from family in Washington State, transitioning into our new living environment and also for the resources to pay off what we owe on the balance of our moving expenses.

Together with you for Him,
Dave & Diann

New address: 622 Mexico CT, Sanford, FL 32771