From Papua New Guinea

Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday in this country, but we have plenty to be thankful for.

Margaret is a local Bible teacher (small groups) and on Saturday 6 of her students gave clear testimonies of their salvation through Christ alone. They are very thankful. Pray for their growth and wisdom for Margaret. There are a couple other Bible studies going on in our community. People say, “Once you hear the way of salvation, it’s hard to keep your mouth shut!” Imagine if Christians all over the world had that zeal.

I want to introduce you to a team who live in danger daily, but do it to learn the language and culture of the islands people so they can present the Gospel.

There is an active volcano that showers cinders and ashes down on the community and often rumbles and sends down lava flows.  The Webb and Richards families who live on Manam Island with the volcano behind them. We are so thankful for people who are willing to risk their lives to see people reached for Christ.

Rejoice with us and give thanks to God.

These are sites where you can be part of ministries we are involved in if you want to: