Dear Friends,

Winter is finally here! Today we woke up to a chilly layer of snow on the ground and I guess we won’t be seeing green grass here for another 6 months! Although I’m not a fan of ice and snow, I love Christmas and the change of seasons and all the different shades of beauty they bring.

And speaking of the change of seasons…I’m going though a few changes in my own life at the minute as I transition out of my ministry in Papua New Guinea and into something new. At the moment I’m enjoying a couple of months of down time and am so thankful to have some time to rest and relax and to do some “normal” things for a change! I’ve been going to the gym and going out with friends and attending a Bible study and helping out at church. So glad not to have any heavy responsibilities weighing me down and to have just a chance to breathe.

In December, I’ll be heading to Ontario to visit the Ethnos Canada Headquarters. I would appreciate your prayers for me as I meet with mission leadership and make some decisions regarding my future. I haven’t been back to Durham in 22 years, so it will be fun to see everyone there. Travelling in the middle of a Canadian winter can be tricky, so pray that everything will go smoothly and that my time there will be encouraging and beneficial.

One little unexpected event took place last week that wasn’t so fun. I slipped on a wet tile floor and broke my wrist. It’s my right hand, so life has become a bit complicated these days as I struggle to accomplish ordinary chores! Thankfully it was a clean break, so hopefully I can have the cast removed within the next 6 weeks. As for the MS, I had a very encouraging visit with my neurologist a few weeks ago and have been cleared for another year. The medication seems to be working and I am feeling really great these days. Thanks for your prayers.

Coming up at the end of the month, our church will be putting on our annual Bethlehem Marketplace outreach for the community! It will be 3 days of fun as we depict the Christmas story and present a gospel message. Last year we have 1200 people come through and we are already praying for those who will attend this year, that the birth of Christ and the message of the cross will lead people to a saving faith in Christ.

Also, this month I’ll be sharing about my ministry in PNG in a local church. Will be fun to show them the newly printed Mengen New Testament. They have faithfully prayed for me and supported my work and the Bible translation, so I’m looking forward to spending some time with these friends.

As for 2020, I’m very excited about the Mengen New Testament dedication coming up in June. Our first box of books has arrived in PNG and will be given to the Mengen Bible teachers right after Christmas. The bulk shipment will be sent over soon and will be ready for the dedication ‘party’.

I am so thankful that the Lord has brought the Flanagan family back to PNG and to hear regular updates about the Mengen church. Currently they are teaching through 1 Corinthians and are having Bible studies with men, women and children. Literacy class has picked up again and it sounds like life is busy and exciting in the jungle. They would appreciate your prayers for them as they disciple and assist the Mengen church. I can’t wait to see everyone there again to hear how the Lord has been helping them these last several months! By the time I arrive, I will have been away from my jungle home for over a year!

Thanks so much for standing with me and faithfully supporting and praying for me. Even though the Mengen NT is finished, I still appreciate your prayers for my health and spiritual well-being. Life over here has its own set of challenges and it’s easy to lose focus on what’s really important.

Pray too that the Lord would clearly show me what he has for me in the months ahead. My heart is still strongly attached to ministry, so please pray that I would be able to know what the Lord has for me.

So thankful I can trust Him each step of the way!

Becky Preheim