Dear Team Members, November 5th, 2019

There is NEVER A DULL MOMENT at the CASE HOUSEHOLD!!!!! CASE FULL of goings on from day to day!!!!!

Charlie is my chauffeur and says he brings me to such interesting places, like to have blood work, x-rays, cardiologist and doctor appointments, grocery shopping, and picking up prescriptions, ETC!!!!!! I do drive some myself, but mostly Charlie drives!!! He has been my knight in shining armor for 56 years :o) !!!!!!!!

As you would have seen on the short explanatory email, we sent out a few days ago, I will be going into the hospital in Orlando on Monday, December 2nd, for up to five days to have an ablation done on my heart. On the Monday they will do heaps of tests, and then do the ablation on Tuesday, and I will probably be home by the Friday. Sure appreciate your PRAYERS as I deal with the tiredness from irregular low pulse, low blood pressure, and atrial fibrillation, and then have the ablation done. Please be PRAYING ALSO FOR CHARLIE as this whole journey, the last five years, has not been easy for him also!!! We are trusting the ablation will REALLY HELP!!!!

Our Winter Royal Volunteers are starting to arrive. Their travels are not without difficulties with their RV’s breaking down along the way. How thankful we are for their willingness to come with willing hearts and helpful hands. Know they would appreciate your PRAYERS for safety as they travel and safety as they help us with sooooo many jobs needing to be done on the property here at our Retirement Center. It is not just the men that work, but also wives – REAL TEAMWORK!!!

A number of our retirees are involved with two separate Prison Ministries, correcting Bible Study Papers, that inmates work on. Please PRAY for the retirees, and most of all for the inmates to come to know the Lord as their Savior, and or grow in their faith in Him!!!!

THANKSGIVING DAY is just around the corner for us here in the USA!!! Our hearts are SOOOOO THANKFUL FOR YOU and your part in our lives!!!! God Bless and Encourage you also!!!

With our Love,

Charlie & Cherrie

Here we go with some more of Cherrie’s notes from over the years:

-Everything we own, owns us!

-Conflict is not always bad. It’s how we react to conflict.

-It’s only when God intervenes at the cross that conflict can be dealt with.

-It’s never too late to do what is right.

-It’s ALL about YOU LORD!!

-Never lose the wonder of Calvary.

-What a day that will be when my Savior I will see!

-We are partners together with the Lord!

-“Being confident of this one thing – He will accomplish it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

-“He is not the author of confusion!” 1 Corinthians 14:13

-As we traveled, we saw folk everywhere hurting, needy, needing encouragement. We saw folk reaching out and being used of the Lord to touch lives with His Love and Grace.

-A number of years ago while driving from our hometown Fitchburg, Massachusetts to Bethlehem I began to think we had made a wrong turn as we saw signs for Mt. Carmel, Ephrata, Bethlehem, New Lebanon, Promise land, Newfoundland, Goshen, Edinburg, Belfast Road, Strasburg, Austerlitz, Big Ben Blvd, Hamburg, Jopa Road, Fredericksburg, Manassas, Gallows Road, and Quantico!

-Years ago, as we were traveling, and in the Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg area, we were in a Civil War area. I, Cherrie, like reading Historical fiction written by Lynn Austin. She has a way of bringing the Civil War to life. Her books are a real eye opener, though sad. In Pennsylvania, we drove on the “Prisoner of War Missing in Action Highway. Lynn Austin is a Christian who draws the reader to see that Jesus Christ is the answer to this world’s problems.

– “God show me my heart – get me ready to hear. Show me how to live according to your Word.”