Thank you so much for your prayers for state authorization for IBC. An IBC team spent the day at the State Capitol last week and came back jubilant! IBC has been granted state authorization, contingent upon a few stipulations that need to be met.

I must admit, I was pretty discouraged by the turnout for my thesis celebration. None of the unbelievers I invited came, though 3 of the believers who had input into my thesis did come. I was pleased and honored that my sister came all the way from Dallas to be with me for this event but wish she had opportunity to ministry more. God is sovereign. I will choose to trust that He will work out His will in spite of the lack of attendance. I am encouraged, though, that there has been a positive and continuing correspondence with at least one of those I invited, so don’t stop praying. I also hope to make one more personal visit to the home of the woman who provided the most input for my thesis. I want to hand her hard copies of 4 my papers which I rewrote and reorganized so as not to be unnecessarily offensive to unbelievers. Pray that she would be receptive and would actually read them at her leisure.

The fall conference went fairly well. Here are a few photos:

The 3 women are dressed as triplets for “Spirit Week,” which coincided with the Fall Conference.
Leo Bird, 2004 Cherokee graduate from Oklahoma who is ministering with Mokahum Center for Indian Ministries in Minnesota.
Mike Calvin, 1987 Navajo graduate and current long-time pastor of Flagstaff Indian Bible Church.
Some of the attentive listeners!

We had the largest turnout ever for Preview Days. Nineteen prospective students and their chaperones attended. Please keep praying for a full campus in Spring, 2020, in the Lord’s will. Pray also for God’s will and protection as we take a week off from classes Nov. 25-29. Staff will be involved in more accreditation work with in-service days tomorrow and Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week (25th and 26th). Our documents must be submitted to the accrediting agency soon thereafter.
Have a grateful Thanksgiving.
Still grateful,