Dear family and friends,

Sometimes, I find it a challenge to know what I should write. It is not the case this month. I will jump right in and you will soon know why I say that.

Wednesday is one of my busiest days at work. I was close to finishing up my day. After taking the clean sheets out of the dryer, I had a mishap when making the bed. I lost my balance and fell backwards. In the process, I hurt my left hand. After getting it checked out, it was determined that I had broken a bone. ☹ I now must deal with the inconvenience of not being able to use my left hand for the next 4 to 6 weeks. It could have been worse. (I could have injured my right hand.) When I told the doctor what my job was, he told me that I will need to do less housekeeping and more supervising. He has that right. I desire that my hand will heal quickly and perfectly in as short amount of time as possible. I am going to do what I can, to make that happen. Of course, it is God who is our Healer.

Brad and I are thrilled that soon we will have a 13-member work team coming from Pennsylvania. Needmore Bible Church has been behind us in prayer and financial support since we left for Thailand in 1982. We are looking forward to spending time with these dear folks as they work here at NTM Homes. We are especially looking forward to showing them around and sharing how wonderfully God has provided for our retired missionaries during their later years. The team will be here November 4 – 8.

Lately we have been seeing a pair of bald eagles flying over our duplex apartment. Brad has been trying to determine if they are nesting here on our property. One way or the other we enjoy sighting them as we sit at our dining room table or when we walk to or from work. They really are beautiful birds!

Please pray:

  • Quick healing of my broken bone
  • Wise choices as I work and supervise my housekeeping crew
  • Safety for the team as they travel and work here at NTM Homes
  • The team as they see what we do and how it fits into God’s plan for world evangelization

By His grace,
Brad & Wanda Hull