Dear family and friends,

Well, it has been three weeks since I wrote last. The first week I went up to find that everyone had gone to a court in a neighbouring clan. Then that night they sang all night and I was thinking, “This has to be either a wedding or a girl’s coming of age ceremony.” In the morning I found out that there was to be a wedding that day so I spent the day with the people as they prepared for and had the wedding ceremony late in the afternoon. The night before the wedding they get the boys together and sing and give them the traditional stories, stories about how they should behave and discipline those who haven’t been behaving well. Then the next night they do the same with the girls and the new bride. They tell the new bride, “Now that you are a member of our clan this is how you must behave.”

The next week was our annual conference. We had a wonderful time connecting with people we hadn’t seen for the last 12 months. We were also challenged by the speaker who came from America for the conference. It was good to hear what God is doing in the different areas where our missionaries are working.

This week Wendy went up with me. That night Wendy was coming down with a stomach bug. She was able to sit with us for the lesson but had a rough night and was very sick the next day. The lesson that night was the early part of Romans chapter six where Paul writes about our union with Christ in His death and resurrection. We are dead to our old way of life and alive to God. Thursday night we went through the lesson again mainly asking questions to see how well they understood the lesson. Today, the 12th, Wendy is on the mend but still weak.

With love from

David and Wendy