Greetings All,

Greeting long-time friends

We just arrived back to civilization a few days ago so now have some email. We have had some long hot days but the Lord has richly blessed our time here.

Conference attendees – many more outside as well!

Studying Philippians 2

Thanks so much for praying for us during the past couple of weeks. We had a wonderful time as we once again continued our study out of Philippians chapter 2 during our Wana Bible conference.

Meeting with some of the pastors on the porch– our quick dry camp towels hanging in the front 🙂

The Bible conference was followed by another conference with representatives from many of our Bible churches scattered across this country. At the end of these meetings we held a Old Testament Scripture dedication as we presented them with the Scripture portions from the Old Testament which have been translated. From Wana land we traveled on to a neighboring tribe where we spent a couple of days with the missionary team and church leaders.

We are now back in one of the eastern towns on this island where we will be holding mission leadership meetings for the next couple days. As I mentioned above it has been very hot. All of our team has been experiencing some coughs and sore throats – the locals say that always happens during the dry season when it is extremely hot and the nights are cool. We will be here through the weekend and then heading to the provincial capital on Monday. Thanks again for being a part of our team through your prayers. You are greatly appreciated!


Ed from afar n Jeanne from the USA

Loading up the Kodiak as we continue our trip
The taxi begins
And we are off. This is a 10 place aircraft working off of a 1500 ft strip. We were almost at gross weight and only used about half of the airstrip taking off. An amazing bush plane for sure! Not to mention a tremendous blessing!


Ed Casteel

Church Planting Asia Pacific