Back in PNG:

God is certainly at work answering our prayers for the Kaje people as Taylor & Abby Goheen, Jon & Jen Myers, and Christopher & Lilli Meyer teach the foundational truths of God’s Word to them. Remarkably the entire village continues to come to the teaching sessions – a miracle in itself as usually
attendance doesn’t hit 100% much less continue there!!!!!

Taylor and Jon recently did a skit while teaching on Jacob and Esau, showing how easily we can be consumed by our needs and desires here and now and be
completely indifferent to our future. Can you identify who played Jacob and who portrayed Esau in the picture above?

As the Bible teaching continues they are now starting into Exodus. You know where that leads. Yep, introduction of the Law. Pray for the Kaje – that any who have not already seen themselves as sinners will be convicted of their inability to keep the Law – thus showing man’s utter helplessness and hopelessness to earn our salvation.

The missionaries recently shared some of the Kaje’s comments that show how they are tracking on the truths they are hearing from God’s Word:

Kasi – “You guys need to teach all day every day so I can learn how God is going to help me get rid of my sin!”
Martin – “We are such sinners. It is like we have been storing up firewood for ourselves for the day of judgement.”
Michael – “Jon, when Taylor was teaching about the future court and my book, my heart started beating so hard and fast I thought I would burst out of my chest! I think my book is the thickest!”
Greg – “I am ready to do whatever God wants me to do to get rid of my sin.”
Ananias – “God saved Noah all the way. I cannot wait until I hear how God is going to save me all the way.”

Please continue to pray for the people of the Kaje language group – that the truths from God’s Word will bring light to their darkened hearts and that they will see their need of Christ as their Savior!

And for the “meanwhile, back at the ranch” segment

Here in the USA my brother recently spent his week of vacation working on projects at my house. Among other things he installed a super-sized attic ceiling fan to make the upstairs bedrooms livable. This is, and will continue to be, a tremendous blessing when / if my sister and family need to move here. (Much prayer still needed on their behalf, please!) Dan also got an estimate on the needed new roof so that will, Lord willing, be in the works soon.

Meanwhile in a few days I will begin a 3+ week round of Home Assignment travels. Since my journeying has had to be greatly curtailed this time I will be visiting only Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Maryland and maybe North Carolina. If you are in any of those states and would be up to getting together, please e-mail me! It is wonderful to anticipate seeing longtime friends and supporters again – but I admit being on the road is daunting. Especially going around Chicago. Twice. I’ll appreciate your prayers for the hours enroute here and there. Please be praying too that God will use the visiting time to His honor and glory.

Once back to town in late October, I’ll jump back into involvements here. The local church I attend recently held a multi-project outreach ministry week. I participated on two of the teams – and both proved to be real eye-opening experiences seeing needs in and around the city. My teammate Jackie and I are hoping to make our nursing home visitation outreach to patients, primarily the ones who never have visitors, an ongoing ministry. I did find some old friends at the care center too who were a joy to cross paths with again!

My “what next” remains a question. My Home Assignment time will be finished in May / June of 2020. I’ll appreciate your continuing prayers as to where God will lead me at that time.

Again my grateful thanks to YOU for standing together with me these many years in the opportunities God has placed in our hands. YOU are as much a part off the different ministries as I am as you have prayed and otherwise supported me. “Thank you” seems too little to say to express my gratitude to you. Be assured, God will not forget your labors of love for Him and your involvement in the lives of His people in Papua New Guinea.
Co-laboring to bring back Christ as King!
Hope Sharp