Dear friends and family

Last week Wendy went up with me. We arrived in the afternoon and Wendy was able to spend some time with Dolis in her garden but other than that she didn’t get a lot of time with the others individually. That night’s lesson was in Sevis’ house and we contrasted the two men, Adam and Christ (Romans chapter five). There were Sevis, Misisi, Dolis, Ableso and Robin (Sevis’ son). We arranged for Sevis to come in the morning and for Dolis and Ableso to come in the afternoon to check the Romans translation and the lessons. The next night I went over the lesson again in Ableso’s house.

This week I taught the lesson in our house Wednesday night. The lesson started at the end of chapter five into the beginning of chapter six. It dealt with our sin which “increased” but “grace increased all the more” to deal with our sin. But, that doesn’t give us the excuse to continue in sin just because God’s grace is available to forgive us. I arranged for Dolis and Ableso to help with lesson/translation checking the next morning because Sevis had something he needed to do in town the next day. After we did the checking they told me that they have been praying that God will help me teach His word clearly and that He would send someone to translate more of His word into their language and to help them to able to read it. That night we went through the lesson again in Dolis’ house.

With love from

David and Wendy