Greetings, faithful servants of Christ!

Thank you all for your prayers and concern regarding the fire. As far as I know, all is quiet behind the mountain. There was still smoke wafting heavenward the last time I climbed up for a look, but the danger to our homes and community is gone.

Thank you for praying for our staff retreat. It went well and we started off better prepared for the semester than we would have been otherwise. Here is a current photo of all the staff.

We are now into our second week of classes, a bit disappointed that the number of students is down evenas our staff numbers are up, but God is still sovereign and will accomplish His purposes. We have a total of five new students this semester.

Praise God that we are finally able to meet in our new Student Life Center! We are so grateful for all the work teams that came this summer enabling us to get at least one part of the new facility up and running.

I will be focusing more on assisting with accreditation documents this fall in addition to teaching Basic Life Skills and a few Voice lessons. I am also overseeing the Life Coaching program again and the Christian service Assignments for the sophomores.

  • Please pray with us for God to send in more students for spring semester, in His will.
  • Continue to pray for the celebration of my completed thesis. I am now thinking it will probably be in October rather than September. I pray it will be a successful outreach to those who helped me put together my various papers leading up to the thesis.
  • Also pray for an effective ministry on the part of life coaches. We are able to have one-on-one this semester, with the exception of one coach who has two men he is supervising.

Thank you!