Back in PNG: God is at work! Please continue to pray for the missionary team (Taylor & Abby Goheen, Jon & Jen Myers, and Christopher & Lilli Meyer ) at Kaje as they teach the foundational truths of God’s Word. The missionaries teach 4 days a week, each lesson requiring subsequent one-on-one and / or group time to see how people are understanding the truths taught. In addition to teaching there are always the next lessons tweak, more still to write, and the Scripture portions to translate to accompany the following messages. Though this is an exciting time for the missionaries it also makes for very busy and challenging days. Pray for family dynamics (including the homeschool moms and students!) as well as good health for the team and the Kaje people. Pray that no hindrances will slow down the presentation of God’s Word.

To give a glimpse of one of the team’s teaching illustrations – many people even in the isloated areas of PNG know about 3-in-1 coffee – coffee, creamer & sugar all in one individual serving packet. (They may never have had the opportunity to taste it but they do know about it!) To the local population it’s just one product = “3n1 coffee.” This proved to be a helpful tool for the missionaries in explaining the Trinity – God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Not a completely perfect analogy by far, but examples like this go a long way in helping relay a Biblical Truth in an understandable manner in Kaje society.

In their teaching they have now reached the point of sharing how sin entered the world and it’s subsequent results. Please pray fervently that the hearts of the Kaje will be receptive and that they will each one personally understand that they too are lost sinners in need of the Savior.

Last month I mentioned the missionary team in the Amdu tribe who are gearing up to start the same Foundational Bible teaching among their local language group. A third team is also currently preparing lessons and translating the early scripture portions that are needed for this teaching in the Peifiyahe language group. Won’t you please add this tribal group to your prayer list that they can soon begin to hear God’s truth instead of the erroneous syncretized sermons that other religious groups have taught in their area. Missionaries Justin & Lauren Rees, Chris & Evie Jones and Candace Swift make up this team.

These few language groups currently at this stage of the Foundational teaching are from the region of Papua New Guinea where – Thanks to YOU! – I was privileged to spend my past many years. Missionaries in other areas of the country also have the same message going out in the mother tongues of the people where they reside. The job is far from finished. Of the 830+ ethnic groups in PNG some 462 of these languages still have none of the Bible in their
mother tongue (statistics by SIL ( Summer Institute of Linguistics / Wycliffe).

Most or maybe all of those 462 people groups have yet to hear a clear explanation of the Good News of Jesus. Instead the souls of these precious people remain lost, confused by syncretism and their ancestral beliefs. Your thoughts and prayers on their behalf will be muchly appreciated – and will count for all eternity!

Meanwhile here in the USA: On 28th, August blurry double vision has become history and street names & house numbers are once again among my rading abilities! Thank you, Lord! Night driving must still be tested but be assured it is high on the “to do” list. Results of that test will be a key factor in determining upcoming Home Assignment travels. At present it looks like I will be doing a much abridged version of former furlough flings. Thankfully God is already at work on the details of those impending wanderings. For the rest — Lord willing, I will attempt another round of traveling next spring. Even if I don’t get to thank you in person please be assured I am eternally grateful for your prayers and support the past era. You have made it possible for me to spend 39+ years overseas and be involved in the various ministries God committed to us during that time. I do look forward to being your co-worker serving Him for many years to come, wherever He deems best.
Co-laboring to bring back Christ as King!
Hope Sharp