Receiving a $25,000 check for the Student Center from Grace Bible in Sun City

Dear IBC Friends,
Happy September! IBC had an eventful summer, with new staff joining the team, seven work teams improving our facilities, a local fire and the possibility of flooding, and much more. My family traveled for the school for the month of July; we are grateful for the connections we were able to make. And I do apologize for how long is has been since I’ve sent an update.

Firstt chapel in the new Student Lounge!

The new school year is up and running! It is so exciting to see returning students and new freshmen combine to form this year’s student body. And just before the start of school we received the Certificate of Occupancy for the Student Lounge portion of the new Student Center! We are so excited to be using our new building, and are grateful for the continued provision for the ongoing renovations to get the entire property ready for students. Next is the remodeling of the Learning Resource Center—the older part of the building.


Praying for new staff at the staff retreat

I need to ask for your fervent prayers for our staff and students. We are experiencing significant spiritual opposition, some of the greatest we have seen in the five years since our on-campus suicide. The opposition has resulted in the following challenges:

  • We only have six new students enrolled at IBC this semester—the smallest group in many years. The enemy worked to keep many prospective students from coming, even using slander from ministry partners.
  • Several of our students yielded to sin or distraction over the summer and didn’t return—including one that had to be expelled during the first week of school! Our enrollment is lower than last year due to these factors.
  • Several of our staff are having very troubled dreams and serious insomnia.
  • We are experiencing spiritual opposition in our efforts for extension studies, accreditation, staff unity and more.

Just last week I was talking with a missionary who works in the heart of the Navajo reservation, and he shared that he has NEVER experienced the kind of demonic opposition that he is right now. So please be praying for IBC and for all those reaching and discipling Native peoples.

At the Spokane Falls in July

Thanks for being a part of the IBC team through your prayers and support! We love serving Native peoples!

Dr. Jason Koppen and family