Dear family and friends

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to have to suspend teaching for a few weeks to catch up on lesson and translation checking. Well, the next week we had a short break and the week after Wendy went up with me. Wendy had a talk with the two ladies, Dolis and Ableso, about helping me with the checking and they came that night, a bit late but at least they came 😊.

We got through most of the next lesson and up to Romans 5:18. I found it best to check the lesson and the translation together. The next day, Thursday 15th, Sevis and his brother Samue come to help me. We got through one lesson and up to verse 20. Meanwhile Wendy had a long talk with Dolis about prayer. There was another lady there too who we are not sure if she has believed. Their usual method of praying is to rattle of a string of words without knowing or meaning what they are saying. Wendy wanted show them that praying was talking to God like we talk to a friend and that God does hear and answer what we ask Him. We only stayed one night and came back the next afternoon.

The next week I went up Wednesday afternoon the 21st. That night Dolis and Ableso came again to help with the checking (this is a change, it has usually been the men who helped). Before we started Dolis asked if she could pray. Well, there was a marked difference in her prayer. Before, I could never follow what she was saying as if she was just rattling off a rote prayer. But this time I followed what she was saying. She was asking God to help them to get His word straight. “It is not his (David’s) language so help us to get it straight.” She was saying to God. We finished another lesson and finished chapter five. Sevis was in town for a couple of days and Robert was working so I didn’t get any more done and came home early.

With love from

David and Wendy