Paul & Laurel Timblin
Using the airplane to reach tribal groups in Mexico  

Matthew graduated!  We had a super trip to CA. to see him finish his course and receive two of the five awards given out!  We are so proud of him.  We took the week to have some much needed family time and enjoy the beach.  With temps in the lower 70’s we were even cold at times (not Paul) … and underestimating what the sun can do at 73 degrees, some of us got unhealthy sunburns!  Oh, crazy story…while touring the USS Midway (aircraft carrier) we were down in the guts of the ship and heard someone say, “Hey it’s the Timblins!”  Friends from NC just happened to be, across the US, in that one small area of a HUGE ship at the same time!  Isn’t that crazy?  That had to be God…just reminding us of the relationships we have through him!

Do you get those annoying sales calls on your cell?   I have been getting tons and usually just ignore them, but the other night it was a call from NC.  Thank goodness I answered!  A nurse was calling from the ER to tell me Gabriel was there, and asked for consent to treat.  UGH…my stomach did flip flops. I pictured a busted knee and more surgery.  Nope… not his knee this time.  Gabriel, taking part in the night games, managed to run full force into a steel pole (see circled area in picture)!  Busted open his eyebrow, cut his cheek, bruised pretty much everywhere else.  I have pictures which I will post at the bottom (the one is pretty gruesome, so for those of you who would rather not see, don’t scroll all the way down.)

UIM Aviation participated in EAA Air Venture in OshKosh, WI.  This is the biggest air show in the US (approximately 642,000 people attend with more then 10,000 aircraft flying in or around for airshows!)  This provides a fantastic opportunity to share what God is doing through aviation!  Besides being at the booth for people who walk through, our guys also speak to various groups and churches throughout the week to present the need and invite people to become part of the ministry of UIM Aviation.  It’s a busy time of long days and short nights but the sound of airplanes flying overhead as they share with visitors, and air shows during the afternoon are great perks that our guys really enjoy. ( Picture below left is Paul and I waiting in Chicago as our flights were delayed and then delayed again and then canceled due to massive storms!)

Various team members were there for different days…Paul was the steady for the full week.  He was super excited to get to sit in this Mustang that a friend of his flies!

And now we have more news….

Matthew and Karizma will be getting married on October 16, 2019!

I recruit prayer from across America for my kids… so, once again, I ask you to please pray for these two as they strive to keep their relationship honoring to God in a world that teaches “do what feels good.”  We are so thankful for Karizma and the San Diego family that God has placed in Matthew’s life!

I (Laurel) recently had a traumatic torture visit…  to the dentist.  Y’all, I basically start hyperventilating when I get in a dental chair!  (I think having babies at home is easier!!) Anyway, I was told that I need a crown and more regular visits then every 5 years (yes, I know that’s so bad!)  This does put a strain on us financially, and many of you have asked that we let you know when there is a need.  So…if you would like to help with this, gifts can be sent to UIM International for us with a note specifying for the Timblin Dental Project.

Paul and I celebrated 27 years of marriage on August 1st.  What a blessing God has given us to be married and work together.  Thank you for your prayers for us as we balance home and ministry.  For the first time in 11 years, I will not be in the office at Faith Christian Academy.  That is a huge change for us.  FCA is doing great and we have an awesome Administrator to take my place.  Jesse is thrilled that I will be able to pick her up every day.  So, now I am hoping to be a little better on communication with each of you and pick up some of the work load for event planning at UIM Aviation.

This seems rather long but then again it is full of pictures so maybe it is not so bad?  You know, I have never thought to ask…do you have any specific questions or areas you would like us to share about?  Drop me an email and let me know.

I never know how to say clearly enough …  THANK YOU for all your prayers, notes of encouragement, financial giving and especially the friendship that we have.  You really are one of God’s blessing in our lives!
Hugs from us,

Paul & Laurel … and the growing crew.

PS: Pictures of Gabriel are below.  Beware…pretty yucky.  We are just so thankful that his eye was not injured and that he has healed so well.  The second pic is about 2 days after…. 14 stitches.  The final picture is just 10 days after the first picture!