Greetings all!

We trust you all have been enjoying this nice summer! We wanted to send you out another update on some of the recent “goings on” in the region of Asia Pacific where we minister.

Tia Podarang

First of all we would appreciate your prayers for one of our Wana missionaries, “Tia Podarang” who has not been feeling well for a number of months. She has high blood platelets but the doctors have not yet discovered what is causing this. We are in the process of helping her get specific tests for some of the things it might be and asking the Lord to help the doctors come up with a proper diagnosis. (Her husband’s name is Donnie.)

The tribal school children attending school in the Provincial Capital – Western part of Island. The matching shirts – a gift from Norway!
Our school children attending school in the city on the eastern coast of the island. Children here and in the previous picture represent 4 different tribal groups where our missionaries serve!

This marks the third year of our youth ministries and helping our tribal children who are continuing their education in the cities. This includes children from junior high through college age. It is blessing to work together with our church leadership in helping them give the proper physical and spiritual care to these precious kids. After the earthquake we have started up two new dormitories in another city on the eastern side of the island so now have three dorms running with different tribal parents serving as the dorm parents. We will appreciate your prayers for them as they have just started a new school year.

With August almost upon us, I find myself preparing for another trip to the Asia Pacific. My plans are to depart on September 16. As usual we have a packed schedule planned including a big Wana Bible conference, Church fellowship meetings with church leaders from all over Indonesia attending – this will be held in one of our Wana villages, Regional leadership meetings, and consultant visits with a number of our missionary teams. I will certainly appreciate your prayers for all that is planned and also for the finances for this trip – I am still trusting the Lord for another $1,000.

Thanks so much for allowing the Lord to use you in expanding the reach of the Gospel in this region of the world… are very much appreciated!


Ed & Jeanne