Dear friends and family

We enjoyed a visit from Travis who is a professional photographer from the US. On the 16th he took photos of us and did an interview with Wendy. Then on the 17th I took him up to Koropa in the morning and the people just happened to be cooking a mumu. He slept in our little house two nights. He had lots of fun taking lots of photos (he took the photo below). That night we had the lesson in Sevis’ house and we started Romans chapter 5. We started with a review of chapters 1 through to chapter 4 and I was encouraged with what they were able to remember of what they had been taught. Thursday night was a disaster, it was supposed to have been in Robert and Ekesue’s house but Ekesue’s pig went missing and she went looking for it. She didn’t get back until late and we ended up going to another house but there was only one person there who had been to any lessons.

Last Wednesday night we had the teaching in our house and got a bit further into chapter 5. I was hoping to get some help with checking the next lessons and the Romans translation the next day but no one turned up. As a result I am going to have to suspend the teaching for the next few weeks to catch up on lesson and translation checking. Even though I learned the language I am not a native speaker of it so I need to check it through with them. I was going to announce this to them Thursday night but came down with a cold. Pray that they will see the importance of God’s word and the seriousness of the need for them to help get it straight.

With love from

David and Wendy