Proverbs 3:6 (NKJV) “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths”

Greetings from Kennewick, WA,

It has been a month since the completion of the Ethnos360 Prefield Orientation, which was held in Sanford, Florida. It was a very profitable time and we enjoyed getting to personally meet all of the new Ethnos360 Associate members who I have worked with in the application process this past year. The attendees, who completed a survey at the end of our program, said they felt they were better prepared to function well when they arrived at their place of ministry.

During our time together there were many important subjects that were covered such as “Ministry Partnership Development,” “Stage of Culture Transition,” “Stress Management,” “Core Values of Ethnos360,” etc. I had the privilege of speaking on the Biblical Basis for Support Ministry. In reflection on our years of living in the jungle of West New Britain, it was the support ministry of our team mates which allowed us to totally focus on our church planting ministry in the Mouk language group.

A time of prayer was held many of the mornings, where missionaries and mission works from around the world were brought before the Lord. After the pre-field Orientation we were blessed to spend a few days with our daughter Kristen who we hadn’t seen in over a year. Great visit! Also, Diann is well on the road to recovery after her heart attack in April.

Thank you for your prayers for us, the Connection Center team and the worldwide work of Ethnos360.

God bless you!

Dave & Diann