Her name is Evelyn and we’ve known her for about 5 years. She is one of the greatest teachers I have ever heard. And she has a mission to spread God’s Word. That combination makes her a tool in God’s hands. She was sent to re-open a small school near a mining town. There wasn’t much interest at first and she started with 6 students. Through the years her classes haven’t grown larger in size, but she is making disciples who also spread the Gospel.

At times she calls us and lets us know she is coming down to purchase some Bible Lesson books. She comes down with large sums of cash which is pretty risky in this country, but she reminds me that she is serving the Lord and He will protect her. You can’t be around her long without being challenged and encouraged by her enthusiasm.

I met another jewel today. He has been faithful in hearing and obeying God’s word for a number of years. Now, he is working with his brother to teach two different groups of people. I love it when people ask to be taught. There is evidence that God has given them a hunger for the truth so that they can hear and believe. Thank the Lord with us for these jewels

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Jim and Kathy Tanner