I met Iteve when I taught him in 9th Grade at a local High School. Today he is a grandfather, but he is much more than that. He is a servant of God and has touched countless lives around Papua New Guinea.

He is also one of our biggest customers, buying thousands of Bible Study materials a year for selling them to others. He came by to get a couple cases of Bibles and gave us a great report. He is an elder of a local church and another leader told him, “Missionaries should not be sent out by an organization. They should be sent out by the local church.”

He took the challenge back to the 10 small churches in his area and they prayed over it and decided to take up a special offering so they could out some families to reach others. They received K35,000 (about $11,000) that day. They have already sent out one family who has a fruitful ministry and they are preparing to send out two more families. Don’t you love that?

With love from
Jim and Kathy Tanner