Dear friends and family

Well finally it is signed and sealed. We now have travel/medical evacuation insurance until July 2020. It was a bit of a shock getting the email saying that they couldn’t provide insurance after the 25th of July. Then not being able to find another company that would provide insurance for people over 70 and from PNG. They all required us to return to Australia in order to take out travel insurance from there. For a while we thought that the Lord may be wanting us to return home at this time but AMT (Australian Missionary Tidings) found one that would insure people up to age 74 and do it from this end. They are called ‘World Care’.

But contacting them proved to be not so easy. After several attempts we finally got through. The first attempt using the house phone the line was completely garbled. Next time using someone else’s phone because we didn’t have enough credit on ours. But as soon as we got the quote we realized that we didn’t have enough money in the account but how to get the money into it since we had no internet connection in working hours. I had to go to Koropa that afternoon so I walked Wendy through the process of transferring money to the right account by phone. On Friday I spent K50 ringing the company and going through all the rigmarole only to get the message “insufficient funds.” I then realized that Friday was the day that our medical insurance took their premium out of our account ☹. So, we contacted someone here who had access to the Internet and using their computer I put more money into the account then we finally got it all finalized. The Lord truly worked that one out for us, thank you Lord😊.

Meanwhile at Koropa, we taught through to the end of Romans chapter 4. We started teaching in the different houses and has been working well. Abraham’s story gives us a good example of the kind of faith we need to have. He believed God even though the situation seemed impossible. It was an encouragement to us in our situation with the insurance. In the last lesson I used our story to encourage them to trust God in our everyday situations. We don’t need a strong faith, just faith in a strong God.

Christian love from

David and Wendy