Gaining and Losing Katies

Dear friends,

The theme of this season for the Burleson family has been “Big Life Changes,” and that continues to be the case this summer as well. First, on May 23, Katie graduated from Numonohi Christian Academy in a beautiful, God-honoring ceremony. We are so proud of all that God has done in Katie’s life and are excited for the ways He will continue to use her in the future!

Of course, the hard part in this is the upcoming goodbye for a year as we drop her off near her brothers in College Station to attend Texas A&M University starting in August. Please pray for her as she adjusts to life in this “foreign” country and a new school; and pray for us as we “lose a Katie” for a time and adjust to life back in PNG without her.

At the same time, we rejoice at another life change which has us “gaining a Katie” as well. On June 30, Andrew married Katie Davis, now also “Katie Burleson” (what’s confusing about that?) in another beautiful, God-honoring ceremony! We were so blessed to be able to be here in Texas with them for the wedding, along with so many of our family and friends as well. Thank you for your prayers for them as they start out their married life together. Andrew continues in his second year of medical school, and Katie is on staff at Grace Bible Church in College Station.


Becky and Cara will return to PNG on July 30 so that they can start the new school year at NCA. Neil will stay with Katie a few more weeks and return to PNG on August 21. Becky looks forward to teaching a new class of Spanish students. Neil will resume his duties as Personnel Director and teach Bible to the senior class. We will also be hosting our “adopted daughter” Kadynn again this year. Both Cara and Kadynn are in their senior year of high school. Following this school year, we plan to take a full year home assignment starting in June 2020.

Also upcoming in the next 12 months: four tribal works are on the verge of hearing foundational Bible teaching in their heart language. Our missionaries in these groups have recently completed their culture and language study, have begun teaching the people to read and write their own languages, and are in the midst of preparing Bible lessons for the upcoming teaching. Please be in prayer for the Wantakia, Amdu, Kaje, and Pei peoples over the coming months.

More regular prayer updates and details on these people groups can be found by signing up for our “Thirty” prayer group. You can receive these updates either weekly via e-mail or daily on the Facebook page. Either e-mail us directly or use the Facebook link to sign up!

We are so grateful for your continued prayers and support for us during this transitional season of our lives. We take comfort in the fact that even as our circumstances are changing, “I the Lord do not change” (Mal 3:6). We cling to him as our anchor in the midst of it all! Our prayer is that you find comfort too in the steadfastness of our Great God!

Gratefully in Christ,
Neil and Becky Burleson and family