Dear family and friends,

Greetings in the Name of Jesus!

Last week we had 3 visitors from a very special church in Pennsylvania. Brad took them over to our mission headquarters for a tour. They viewed a video of what God is doing around the world as missionaries learn language and culture, teach people to read and write in their own language, and prepare Bible lessons. The ultimate goal is to share the story of God’s redemptive plan, translate the New Testament, and see a church established among a previously unreached people group.

I gave our 3 friends a tour of NTM Homes. Besides seeing Brad’s finance office and my “office” we walked through our Assisted Living Facility (ALF), the dining room, the well equipped commercial kitchen, and the hallways to rooms for independent living. We walked all over the property seeing the many two bedroom duplexes where our retirees live independently. Cathy, Laura, and Lily met with Tom who is presently head of our maintenance team. They discussed the possibility of work teams from the church coming to Florida to help out with different projects here on our property.

We were even able to squeeze in a short trip over to Green Springs State Park. This is a peaceful park just a few miles from where we live. We were able to pack a whole lot into the day and a half we had with these dear folks. It was a joy to share about the ministry that God has called us to here at NTM Homes as we meet the needs of our veteran missionaries. We would love to show you around if you are ever in the area. 😊

We are now into hurricane season. Our afternoon or night time rains often have some severe thunderstorms with lightning strikes and high winds. We have had two such storms in the last week. Of course we do not know if a hurricane will come our way this season or not. Trees have been trimmed and the large brush pile has been burnt. Drainage ditches have been cleaned and our staff have done all necessary preparations in case a named hurricane comes our way in the next few months. In the 8 years that we have lived here, we have only experienced two hurricanes, Matthew and Irma. Of course we will let you know if a hurricane is headed our way. Unlike with tornados, the TV news reporters let us know well in advance if a storm is brewing in the tropics and headed in this direction.

We have a number of prayer requests at this time.

  • We are in real need of more staff here at NTM Homes. (Administrator, mechanic, cooks, housekeeper, IT technician, nurse, maintenance, grounds crew)
  • We don’t take our health for granted. Please pray that God will keep us healthy as we go about our daily responsibilities.
  • We need God’s wisdom as we seek to meet the needs of our retirees in the finance department as well as in housekeeping and personal care.
  • We ask you to pray that our hearts will be tender towards the Lord in all we say and do as we minister here.

By His grace,

Brad & Wanda Hull