Workers from Oregon fixing windows in the classroom building
Workers from Texas replacing the front of the academic building.

Blessed summer to you! I love the longer daylight hours, more time at home, hanging out with work crews at IBC, and interacting with students still living at IBC while they continue working. God has blessed me with opportunity to backpack twice recently. I also have two weeks off right now so am working feverishly on my thesis.

I’d like to share with you a few comments from a graduating senior about some of the classes that have impacted him during his time at IBC. Two are ones I teach or oversee.

The sixth class is one that I have taken for certain features, but it wasn’t till my senior year that I finally took it for credit is Creative Ministry Methods. This class was one that caught my attention right away. I’ve learned creative ways to bring the gospel to people. It has shaped the way I have done and will do ministry with my youth. I attempted presenting sketch board to them and now I am planning on doing skits, both live and video recorded.

The last one is Christ and Culture. This class had presented the challenge and understanding of what contextualization is. Before this class I had a good idea of how to do it and what it was but with the great discussions that were held, I would say I gained a better understanding. An insight observation was that contextualization isn’t just about trying to take a cultural practice or object and changing it to be used for God’s glory, but it is the holistic principle of the culture, the values and aspects of the culture, not just the drums or dances.

You prayed with me for the Christ and Culture class. Thank you for partnering with me and praise God for His answers.

Our new academic dean has arrived in town and is starting at IBC on a part-time basis. Please continue to pray for Gene and his family as they adjust to a new home.

Please continue to pray with me for a successful completion of the rough draft of my thesis within the next few weeks, in the Lord’s will.


Martha Gushee