Thank you so much for your love, prayers and gifts! We are deeply grateful for your part in reaching the Hewa people with the love of Jesus. Thank you!

While living in Hewa we have been encouraged by many of our friend’s testimonies of faith in Jesus, and this month we were honored to have a man named John Smith arrive from New Zealand to try to capture Faimpat’s story of faith on video. Faimpat was one of the young men who initially did not show interest in our first Creation-through-Christ teaching session because he was participating in the witch doctor’s training, aspiring to learn the secrets of how to gain wealth and never-ending life by appeasing and manipulate jungle spirits. Then later, in 2008, he realized the witch doctor’s promises were nothing but empty lies and came to listen as we taught our second Creation-through-Christ lessons. He surrendered to his Creator and over the last years has grown strong in his faith in Jesus to the point that he has become an insightful Bible teacher and courageous leader of the Hewa church. We have been very encouraged to see Faimpat work hard to bring his tribal group out from under the oppression of deceit to yield to the loving care of His Savior. Please remember to pray for John as he endeavors to tell Faimpat’s story in a way that will inspire others to take part in carrying the precious message of Jesus to other people groups who have not yet heard.

We nearly finished building a couple small classrooms for Susan’s students and they are already bursting at the seams with enthusiastic students. Susan feels very rewarded in her efforts to invest in her eager learners, and is praying they will not only develop academically but will also grow up with the skills and passion to invest in the other people around them. Please pray the 40+ students will develop a heart to serve the Lord faithfully their entire lives.

Though my main responsibility is New Testament translation, my heart’s desire is to see my friends grow in their love for Jesus, so I was very encouraged when Faimpat and a few other’s approached me to request I start teaching a “Jesus Course” from the chapters we have been translating together. So now over the last six weeks I have been teaching from the freshly translated Sermon on the Mount and the response has been very encouraging. Please pray the Hewa will continue to grow in love and surrender to Jesus, and that this passion will spread through these mountains and beyond.

Thank you so much for your love, prayers and gifts!

Jonathan, Susan & Mikenna