The Indian Bible College just wrapped up an amazing school year! Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Four Native Americans leaders joined the staff.
  • We had more full-time, on-campus students (35) than ever before.
  • IBC graduated more students with bachelor’s degrees than ever before in one year—all of whom were leading discipleship groups of their peers!
  • We continued to make progress on accreditation and academic quality despite the lack of an academic dean—but God has now provided a dean who will begin serving this summer!

During Feedback Chapel in early May, we always ask the students the question, “What are the best things about IBC?” Here are some of their responses from this year:

  • Relational disciple making! From finances to academics to dorm life to work –everything is done in relationships.
  • The teacher-student relationship. We could go to them with anything with no judgment. They want to help us.
  • Just how much love is poured and how they really exemplify the aspect of grace and truth here.
  • The family-like atmosphere. I feel like everyone at IBC truly cares about you and wants you to do your best in life.
  • The help you’re able to get from student life and staff. No other college goes out of [their way] like IBC does.
  • Thanks for not charging me $120,000 for a degree like other universities.
  • The amazing staff. They put a lot of love and care into how they look after the students. If you are struggling spiritually or academically, they seek you out.

During Feedback Chapel we also ask “what most needs improvement?” Every year the top answer is: “the facilities.” But thanks be to God! The new Student Center remodeling is addressing those needs!

Please see below for a “photo-journal” of three of the six events we ended the school year with May 16-18.

Also, included in this mailing is a letter from Luckie and Lanora Bigman. I introduced Lanora as my assistant in my Christmas letter. Now her husband is joining the staff and they are raising support to serve together. Please prayerfully consider becoming a financial supporter of their ministry.

It is my great privilege and honor to lead this amazing college. I am deeply grateful for the fervent prayers, financial generosity, and faithful volunteerism of so many of God’s people. Thank you for partnering with us!

I’ll close with two more statements from students about what they wish others knew about IBC:

  • I wish people knew how organic and indigenous the teaching style is, how cool instructors are in class and in discussions, the dialogue and discussions we have in senior classes—it all feels and tastes Native and Biblical, together, which is how it should be!
  • IBC will do what they can to see young Native Americans healthy, and they will take as much time as needed so when the students leave, they leave healthy and ready to do ministry.


Bachelor Dinner (Thursday): A celebration just for staff and students to prayerfully “launch” the six bachelor’s graduates out into ministry; held in the new  Student Center for the first time!

Student Ministry Showcase (Friday):An evening of creative  ministry presentations from students. Drama, c reative writing, sketchboard, and photography were all featured.

One year certificates
Associate grads
Bachelor grads

Commencement (Saturday):

A powerful ceremony honoring the achievements of 21 graduates: 10 certificates, 5 associates, and 6 bachelors—the most ever in the history of the school! All 15 of the certificate and associate graduates are returning in the fall for further studies!