Dear family and friends,

We are well into the dry season now. Dust instead of mud. I’m not sure which is the best, though I think the dust might just win out. Wendy’s sister-in-law’s ‘sorry’ mumu went well. Wendy came up with Nate and Elizabeth Claasen and their three boys. They had a wonderful time interacting with our Koropa family and walking down to the river etc. In the afternoon they opened the mumu and we had mumued chicken, sweet potato and greens.

That night after our visitors had left I taught the lesson on the end of Romans two. There were two important questions asked in that passage. 1) Who are really God’s people? Not those who seem to be outwardly but those who are His inwardly in the heart through the work of the Holy Spirit. 2) What is the manakanamo (the real thing)? It is not the outward things like circumcision, baptism, church going, good works etc, but the work that the Holy Spirit does in our hearts to make us His children.

This Wednesday night Sevis, his wife, Misisi and Ableso came. The lesson was on the beginning of Romans 3. In this passage Israel was entrusted with the word of God but they didn’t obey it and the excuses they made and why God shouldn’t judge them. Paul quotes passages from the Old Testament saying that there is not one good person, we have all sinned. The law of Moses doesn’t help, it just tells us the same thing. No one said much through that lesson but as they say, they have to hear the bad news before they can appreciate the good news. Last night’s lesson was a good one where Paul clearly explains the gospel. Yes, we have all sinned but God has opened a road for us through the death of Jesus on the cross. Sevis’ son, Robin, was there. He hadn’t been to many of the lessons but last night he heard the gospel clearly so pray for him that the Holy Spirit will convict him of his need of salvation. I have been giving him the Creation magazines after I read them and they have been going the rounds in the high school where he goes.

With love from

David and Wendy