Thanks be to God for His blessings on IBC!

Thank you to those of you who prayed for our many end-of-the-year events. First was the annual Spring Recital. All six piano and voice students did well.

Next we enjoyed the Bachelor Dinner to honor all SIX bachelor graduates. Each graduate shared highlights and prayer requests, as well as future plans, then were prayed for by peers and/or staff members. A welcome reception at the new facility allowed the community to see progress that is being made and to rejoice with us in God’s provision.

Praying over the bachelor students

Plans for the two buildings were available for viewing. We are planning to have the new student Center partially useable by fall!

The Student Ministry Showcase

The next event was the Student Ministry Showcase in which the students “showcase” what they have learned primarily related to the Creative Ministry Methods class. Students shared the Gospel through sketch board, a rope trick, drama, songs, and also poured out their hearts through creative compositions. There was lots of laughter and tears. The audience responded with grateful approval for the hard work represented by the presentations.

An alumni breakfast was enjoyable for those who were able to attend. Then the graduate luncheon featured the five associate’s graduates and those receiving one-year certificates.

The highlight of the busy week was commencement.

Around 250 people attended and celebrated with us.

Another great event we celebrated during commencement was the hand off of ministries currently overseen by Anglo missionaries being turned over to younger Native leaders. In the photo below, from left to right, you will see bachelor-graduate Barlow who will be taking over from his mentor, Roger Scarbro, in the youth ministry at his home church in Zuni, New Mexico. Third from the left is Joshua Ortiz who is taking the reins from John Childs for Fifth Wind Enterprises that IBC uses to assist students working and in developing entrepreneurial skills. The next two people represent the handing off of the business office of IBC from Bob Richardson to Luckie Bigman. And finally, Barbara Berreman is handing off the librarian duties to Deedra Dallas. Praise God!

Please pray for God’s blessing on all these transitions above and as students move on into other ministries after graduation or continue on at IBC next year, and are involved in ministry or work throughout the summer.

Please pray for me as I embark on the final steps of a Master’s in Intercultural Studies, completing a thesis on the state of the Navajo Evangelical Church on the west side of the Reservation and what we can learn from the Native American Church of North America (Peyote).

Thank you for being a vital partner with me in seeing God at work among His people of Native America!