Dear family and friends

Well, it is good to be back into the work. Wednesday the 15th I went up but nobody came for the lesson that night, which is understandable since it had been a while since I had been up there and they didn’t know that I was back. Thursday night there was a good group and I did a review of the last two lessons I taught before I left. Last Wednesday (22nd) I came across machinery working on the road, what a blessing!! Now that the rain has stopped they have been able start working on the road.

That night we started on Romans chapter 2. Paul had some very strong words to those who point the finger at others who sin to divert attention away from themselves. But, God’s attention cannot be diverted, He knows our hearts. Thursday night we reviewed that lesson then looked at God’s coming judgment of the world in verses 6-11. The people who God will reward will be those who “by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor and immortality.” I asked them who has only done good all the time. They agreed that none of them had ever done that, Jesus was the only one who had ever done that. Later in the chapter Paul talks about our conscience. The Benabena language has a word for conscience, ‘mologehelisenamo’, but they didn’t know that it was something that God has given to us to guide us in what is right and wrong. And that if we ignore it, we sin. Even those who have never heard God’s word have no excuse. There was a lot of discussion about that. They had all ignored their consciences but now they realized that they sinned when they did that. Please pray for those who are coming but have not yet believed, that God will speak to their hearts through His word.

The family at Koropa want to have a “sorry” for Wendy in the loss of her sister-in-law. This is their custom to help those who have lossed a loved one. They cook a mumu and everyone eats together. We have arranged for her to go up with someone next Thursday.

With love from

David and Wendy