In late 2015, God moved me back home to Wisconsin from Chihuahua Mexico. But He graciously provided an itinerate ministry so I could continue serving Him in missions! This means I can still be a part of the work in Mexico, but base out of Neenah, Wisconsin.

I have two new ministries with Ethnos360 (formerly New Tribes Mission). Both are computer-oriented. In conjunction with some Pioneers missionaries, I am developing videos of Bible stories in Tarahumara. The Kramers provide me with audio narrations of chronological Bible stories in Tarahumara, and it is my job to find images to go with the narrative. I also try to make it more like a “movie” by adding a soundtrack. This has been an interesting process and I’ve learned a lot! I enjoy it, despite its many challenges. Thanks to modern technology, even in the Sierra Madre, these videos can spread the Gospel to Tarahumara people living in some of the most remote mountain areas as they download them on their smart phones and share them with their families and friends.

My second ministry involves using other computer programs, like Word and InDesign. A former colleague of mine, Dale Taylor, is writing Bible lessons in both Tarahumara and Spanish, and compiling them in a book. My task is to proofread, style, edit, format everything, and get the book ready for printing and distribution. Once again, modern technology is wonderful! Dale (Nebraska) collaborates with Fernando (Caborachi Mexico), then sends me the files (Wisconsin). When I have technical issues, my friends Brett and Kim (Indiana) wave their IT magic wands and help me. It took us almost a year to complete Book 1 and print it out. It may not have made the New York Times best seller list, but many Tarahumara pastors and believers were thrilled to have a book in their own language teach them more about Scripture. We have begun work on Book 2, which emphasizes the same lessons from Genesis to Acts, and clearly shows Christ as the focus throughout the entire Bible. Lord willing, we will have this book ready to print soon.