Thank you so much for your love, prayers and gifts! We are deeply grateful for your part in reaching the Hewa people with the love of Jesus. Thank you!

Teaching, teaching, teaching! In this final phase of our ministry in the tribe, our focus is to effectively pass the various aspects of the leadership baton to the new elders and deacons. Over the years we have been teaching leader-trainees how to teach the Bible, how to teach school, how to operate a small medical clinic, how to worship with the guitar and how to drive a tractor and maintain an airfield, and now we are adding building construction and maintenance training, solar electrical installation to power lights. We feel a need to pass on as much as possible in order to help the villagers thrive after our departure. As we have been ramping up our education efforts we have found ourselves tired, but it is a good kind of tired as it has been a joy to teach eager learners.

We feel the most pressing need is for us to continually encourage Biblical shepherding skills for the new elders and deacons. They have been doing a tremendous job of teaching the Word but they keep finding themselves overwhelmed by unbelievers who arrive from other villages with intention to squelch Biblical thought-processes and to get the believers to return to harmful and self-destructive patterns. Please pray the leaders will gain discernment and courage to fearlessly stand for Jesus principles and that the believers will develop strength to follow in His steps.

Thank you so much for your love, prayers and gifts!

Jonathan, Susan & Mikenna