Dear Team Members,

Out love to you at this GORGEOUS time of the year, with flowers blooming and cardinals and woodpeckers around, all a part of God’s AWESOME creation!

We are full of THANKFULNESS for the part you all have in our lives!!!

Thank you for your PRAYERS!!! We were encouraged as we met with Cherrie’s cardiologist on Monday. Tests showed no heart damage, only lots of atrial fibrillation. The medicines she is on, we trust will continue to help with that problem. They are costly, and we are investigating ways to buy it more reasonably. We appreciate your continued PRAYERS!!!

We have a BUCKET LIST we talked with Cherrie’s cardiologist about. At the end of this year, it will be six years since we have seen our son Ben, his wife Stephanie and their family in Australia. By then, Jayden will be 20, Ashton 18, Llahna 16, and Kyan 13! Her cardiologist feels it is fine to plan on going, which was great news!!!!! We would appreciate your PRAYERS as we step out in FAITH to head that way, most likely mid-November before flight ticket prices increase, and return mid-January. We would appreciate your prayers for accommodation, a vehicle to use, and flight details as well as finances for the trip.

Our Winter Volunteers – “SNOW BIRDS” – have left. We miss them ALREADY, but are ever so thankful for their help these past months. We trust the Lord to ENCOURAGE their hearts as they have ENCOURAGED all of us here.

We have some URGENT FULL TIME STAFF NEEDS here at the retirement center, so would appreciate your PRAYERS FOR:

  • Mechanic – diesel and gasoline engines, diagnose difficulties and make repairs. DC electrical repairs, etc.
  • General Maintenance – Assist Maintenance Director with day-to-day facility maintenance.
  • Personal Care – Assist with bathing, dressing, grooming, manage medication, etc. in our assisted living facility.
  • Housekeeping – cleaning retiree rooms in the assisted living facility and personal living section of this building. Also doing laundry, including vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, hallways, entryways and porches, windows, keep cleaning supplies on hand, etc. for those needing extra care.

Well, there are lots of PRAYER requests this time. How we continue to thank the Lord for your PRAYERS!!!


Charlie & Cherrie