Grandparenthood is the best!

We had such a wonderful time taking care of and loving on our new granddaughter, Kate Evelyn Atkins, for 10 unforgettable days in March! Other grandparents have told us how wonderful it is to be a grandparent and that there is nothing like it. Well, we are here to tell you that it is true! Please pray for Bret and Dana as they will be entrusting the care of this precious girl into the hands of friends for 10 hours a day from May 1st for three weeks while Dana finishes up her job as an English teacher at Austin High School. I would love to ‘fill the bill’ but am unable to with my job here in Europe. 🙁 Please pray for Dana, Bret, and Kate as well as those who will be taking care of Kate over these next few weeks.

Update on Ryan

Ryan is continuing to teach English at the University of Sarajevo in Bosnia, where he grew up from age 8-12. He is really enjoying this experience and is also volunteering his time with the Mine Action Awareness group. This is a great opportunity for him to interview those who have been affected by mines in the country of Bosnia in order to raise awareness and funds for this crucial project. Also, Ryan is continuing to work on his Master’s in Public Administration while in Bosnia and is also attending the Baptist church that he was a part of during his childhood. Isn’t it amazing how God works and uses our past to shape our future? 😀 Continue to pray for God to use Ryan mightily in Bosnia for His glory and good purposes through the spring and summer months.

Ministry in Slovakia and Europe

Our church planting team (front, left to right – Tomas and Oli; back, left to right – Lester, Trey, Elise, Benjamin, Matus, Miriam; Pali not pictured)
Our new colleagues and church planting team members (Andrew, Kristen and Henry Hayes)
Our church at Palisady that will be our mother church who will birth the new church plant
Team Krakow

Thanks for your continued prayers on our behalf. God is continuing to answer in some wonderful ways! We are meeting with our church planting team weekly and are thankful for the unity we are experiencing together. Trey and I will be taking over supervision of the Krakow team in August as the team leader for Krakow and our European Affinity Leader, Mark Edworthy, is resigning and we will have added responsibilities at that time.

Please pray for the following:

  • Ask for continued unity and wisdom as we are preparing to have our first public worship service in Ruzinov, an area of Bratislava, on June 2nd.
  • Pray for the Hayes and their continued adjustment to life, culture and the language of Slovakia.
  • Please pray for us as we take on an increased work load and, most importantly, pray that God would provide just the right man to lead the European Affinity in the years ahead.