Greetings all,

I wanted to touch base with you before I get out of email contact for a couple of weeks. I have been here in the provincial capital now for a week and getting ready to leave for the eastern part of the island this afternoon. This week has been a good and profitable week, and thankful for what we have been able to accomplish. Of course one of the big things we had on our agenda was to get the printing of the Old Testament portions under way. We took it back into the printer on Saturday in order to make another sample copy. On Wednesday afternoon we picked up the sample only to find that the margins were not right on the last section. I was so disappointed and went home and brought it all back up on my computer to see what might have gone wrong.

Everything looked fine on my computer so I looked back in the sample copy to see if I could discover something there and sure enough they had skipped a page which threw all of the margins off for the rest of the book. We went back to the printer yesterday afternoon and he said he had discovered that too and that all should be good now – PTL!!! If the new sample he is now printing up looks good then we will proceed with printing.

I will appreciate your prayers for these next couple of weeks as we will be involved in two consultant visits to two different missionary teams followed by our Wana Bible conference. I will appreciate your prayers specifically for strength, stamina, and that our team will be a blessing to those to whom we minister and rub shoulders with. Pray too for Jeanne and mom as they hold the fort on the home end and that things will run smoothly for them. Thanks so much for your part and being a part of our ministry. You are a valuable part of our team!


Ed n Jeanne


This is a picture of the Wana village of “Padalempe” at sunrise. It will be the cover photo on the Old Testament book with Psalms 119:105 written underneath, “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path”