Dear Friends,

What a week it has been!  Last Tuesday I was in the middle of writing an update, when I got the news that we’d be flying out that day instead of waiting till the following day.  Whew, I quickly had to pull my laundry off the line and pack my bags.  Thankfully my 3 helpers were all ready to go, so that afternoon we jumped into the Kodiak and flew 2 hours to another part of Papua New Guinea.  It was exciting for the guys and also myself to be in new surroundings, with different landscape and activity all around us.  It also turned out to be an unexpected blessing so that the guys and I could have a full day to relax and settle in before starting into our next translation check.

We were all feeling a little shell-shocked when we finally arrived around 6 pm.  I left guys off at their house down by the main gate and then walked all the way to the top of the hill to the guest house where I was staying!  Whew, a bit of a hike!  The next morning when I looked outside, there was a whole herd of cows right across the fence from where I was staying!!  It was so fun for me to run down and get the guys.  I told them I had something to show them but didn’t say what!  Boy, their eyes popped open when they saw the cows, bulls and calves and the whole herd!!  They weren’t too sure what to think of them and wondered if they eat people!  They were also nervous about the long sharp horns on more than half the herd!  Personally, I got a little nervous when one bull started pawing the ground and wondered if then thin fence would keep it back long enough for us to run!!  Anyways, it was a great experience!  We haven’t seen sheep or goats yet, but at least they have seen their first “large” animal and will have stories for months to come.  I took tons of pics for them to show their family also.

Thursday morning the 3 Mengen helpers and I sat down with our translation consultant Lisa and began to check the book of Matthew.  We expect for it to take 5 days in total, so we have another couple of days to go.  Thanks for your prayers for the 3 guys.  They are all working extremely well together and I am so thankful that they are feeling well and healthy this week.  The Lord has graciously helped us and we are right on schedule for where we need to be.  Lord willing we’ll be checking the book of Revelation on Wed and Thurs and will finish off with the book of Hebrews on Friday and Saturday!

I am really anxious to be done and so excited to see the Lord answer our prayers!  Thanks so much for standing with us in this incredible ministry.  One day soon, we will be able to print the Mengen New Testament and get it into the hands of the church.  We are thinking that perhaps we’ll have the Bible dedication in October of this year, so that’s really amazing!!

Thanks again for your prayers.  I’ll be resting today after church and will be ready to jump in again bright and early tomorrow morning!

God is so good, He’s so good to me….