Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your prayers for me this week. The Lord has done amazing things.

Baby Evelyn: As you may remember, I asked prayer for my main translation helper’s wife who was expecting a baby! With her last delivery she had severe complications, so we were quite concerned for her. Also, I was nervous since she was due right around the time of the translation check which may have prevented her husband from coming out! Thankfully baby Evelyn arrived about 10 days before the translation check and Mande was able to deliver her little daughter safe and sound. Alex isn’t sure about having 6 daughters, but he’s thankful that everyone is well and healthy!!

RAIN: Then we asked prayer about the weather! Monday morning was sunny but by the afternoon, it was becoming gray and overcast. Thankfully the plane was able to make it into Lele just in the nick of time. Just as the plane was taking off, the fog was starting to roll in. Afterwards the pilot told me that another 10 minutes, and the plane would have been stuck in Lele as the rain was just hanging off the ridge and they would have been socked in! Thank the Lord for His faithfulness to us once again. As it turns out, the next day was also rainy and foggy, and no flights took place. The day after that, Lele was still socked in with rain, so if my guys wouldn’t have come out just in God’s perfect timing, it’s possible that the translation check would not have taken place.

The book of JOHN: And speaking of the translation check…yesterday late afternoon, we finally finished checking the book of John. It was a long and strenuous week, with quite a bit of stress. Thankfully the Lord provided grace and strength and we were able to make it to the end. I had been battling a very bad sinus cold for a few weeks. I was also coughing quite a bit at night, but the Lord helped me throughout the day and I didn’t cough much at all as I read through all 21 chapters several times. Also, my voice stayed strong in spite of everything! Praise the Lord for His goodness.

GOROKA: One of my helpers came down with malaria and is currently taking medication. Hopefully he’ll be well again by the time we leave on Wednesday. We will be going to the Highlands of Papua New Guinea for the second part of our translation check. The 3 Mengen guys and I are all excited and nervous. It will be a new experience for them! They might even get to see sheep and goats and possibly a horse! It would be a real special treat from the Lord if “by chance” they were able to see some of these animals that they have never seen before! We won’t have time for sightseeing as we will be working long days 6 days a week while we are there. Maybe one of your kids wants to pray that we will get to see some farmyard animals?!! These guys live in the jungle and the only thing they have ever seen are pigs and chickens! (and snakes!! 😊)

Three More Books: Please pray for stamina for the Mengen 3 guys and I as we have another 2.5 weeks of work ahead of us. My main helper Alex and I are especially tired after the book of John and we still have Matthew, Hebrews and Revelation to go! A HUGE amount of work in a short period of time. Please pray also for our mission translation consultants who are taking time from their own ministries to check these books. It has taken a huge team to bring the Mengen New Testament to completion and we are thankful that finally we are seeing the work come to an end.

Thanks again for your prayers over these many past years!

God is so good.

Becky Preheim