Dear Friends and family,

There was an improvement in attendance last week as they were all there both days. The lesson was Paul’s farewell speech to the Ephesian elders. A lot of food for thought in that passage. Paul’s concern for the believers, that they should know the whole of God’s truth. What was important to Paul was not his life but being faithful to complete the work that God entrusted to him. I got them to think about the things that are important to them.

This week we finished the book of Acts. Wednesday night we did Paul’s trip to Rome. I showed short sections from the ‘Visual Bible’ to give them an idea of the things Paul experienced before and during his trip to Rome. They especially liked the scenes of Paul’s shipwreck. They didn’t understand the English so I read from the Benabena translation before each video clip then we talked about it afterwards. Last night (Thursday) we did a review of the book of Acts. I read Acts 1:8 where Jesus commissioned the disciples to preach His word starting in Jerusalem then Judea and Samaria the to the “mei nekisaamoga” (end of the earth). Then I put the pictures on the map (picture). First I got them to tell me something about the picture and where it should go on the map. This gave them a visual idea of how the gospel went from Jerusalem to the end of the earth (at least the Roman world). Next week we will make a start on the book of Romans.

With love from

David and Wendy