Dear Team Members,

It is hard to BELIEVE we are well into March ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!! For over two months life has been non-stop, but we KNOW and BELIEVE our FATHER has been with us each step of the way!!!!

We thank the Lord for you, and the part you have in our lives, and ministry, even though we are considered retired status. God Bless you sooo much :o)

Lots of doctor appointments, visitors, and a Memorial Service for our friend David, who Graduated to Heaven from his fall through their kitchen ceiling where he was upgrading some plumbing. We BELIEVE his wife Veronica would appreciate your continued PRAYERS!!!!!!!!

Charlie has had a virus for a few weeks, which meant two different visits to the ER with high fever, but no real answers, even after two chest x-rays, and other tests. A course of antibiotics has helped, possibly for a sinus infection. It wiped him out, but he is doing much better at this writing. Both of us are THANKFUL for YOUR PRAYERS!!!!!

It has been quite a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since Monday afternoon I have had a four week heart monitor on and by Tuesday afternoon I had a call from the cardiologist’s office as he wanted to see me yesterday at 1:30, which we did. This is not a new situation, but one that has continued since the late 1990’s, but lately may be the reason why I have been extra tired. We are thankful for getting an update from Dr Lopez, our excellent cardiologist. Due to seeing signs of Atrial Fibrillation he wants me to start on three different drugs to prevent a stroke. His news did not surprise me, but the drugs did! It appears that the drugs will be expensive. He did give me samples to start off with. We will be working though the doctor, our insurance and the drug company regarding the cost to get it reduced. I will see his PA on March 22nd to see how I am doing on the meds, before we head up to Georgia to see Esther and Ricky and their two children we have not seen for a year. He will do a nuclear stress test on April 15th, and follow-up with him on April 29th. Thank you all so much for your PRAYERS, which we REALLY appreciate!

Soooo many Snowbirds – Royal Volunteers, who come each year to help during the winter months, are here at present. Some have been here for weeks and have had to go back home, and others are still here helping on projects needing to be done. One project is a new duplex for more of our missionary retirees in the future. It has been fun to watch the walls and roof go up step by step. Another project is to put a safer walk-way around one of the retention ponds in the center of our retirement village. If you googled our address, your will see what the property here looks like!!!! The wives are busy doing cleaning jobs (including cleaning our own windows), many sewing alterations, organization of morning and afternoon snacks for the workers, and the list goes on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are soooo thankful for each of these volunteers and our permanent staff, all who work soooo faithfully to care for all of us retirees. Your PRAYERS, we BELIEVE, will keep them safe as they labor here, where God has planted them!

For SAFETY, we are not expanding on the following, BUT we are excited as we hear of BELIEVERS who are reaching out to others speaking their own mother tongue, and hearing of not only 1st Generation outreaches, but also 2nd generation outreaches of people coming to know Jesus as their Savior!!!!!!!!! We BELIEVE this is happening around the World because of your FAITHFUL PRAYERS!!!! KEEP THEM UP!!!


Charlie & Cherrie


“I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary”

Gaither Vocal Band

I believe in a hill called mount Calvary
I believe whatever the cost
And when time has surrendered
And earth is no more
I’ll still cling to the old rugged cross

I believe that this life with its great mysteries
Surely someday will come to an end
But faith will conquer the darkness and death
And will lead at last to my friend

I believe that the Christ
Who was slain on the cross
Has the power to change lives today
For He changed me completely
A new life is mine
And that is why by the cross
I will stay


I believe in a hill called mount Calvary
I believe whatever the cost
And when time has surrendered
And earth is no more
I’ll still cling to the old rugged cross