Thank you so much for your love, prayers and gifts! We are deeply grateful for your part in reaching the Hewa people with the love of Jesus. Thank you!

We are thanking the Lord for a new church/school building! Adam Ferguson and his family were just about finished with their month of living with us in the tribe when Adam asked if we would like his help putting up our new church building. I was very grateful for his offer and together with the Hewa men and boys we tore down the badly leaning little building on Saturday February 2, stood posts and beams on concrete blocks, and by Tuesday evening installed the roof! We are very grateful for safety of the many Hewans who worked hard to make this possible. We plan to build a couple classrooms and benches soon but for now we are very pleased to have a dry place to meet for church and school.

A week after our new church roof was in place, Yanis (an elder and medical worker), came to me with bad news. He showed me how a large crack was opening in the dirt, starting next to his house and working its way past his cooking hut, running dangerously close to our little medical clinic. The problem is that the little river in the canyon has been digging at the base of the bank and the ground is getting carried away. Over the next couple days we watched the crack widen and we helped Yanis empty the contents of his houses. On Sunday we tore down his little cooking hut to try to salvage the materials, and then that night the ground tore away and dropped into the river canyon. The next morning the village men decided we needed to divert the river so it would quit cutting away at our land, potentially taking away our medical clinic and top portion of the airfield. For the next weeks we dug two main canals that are currently keeping the little river at a safe distance from the bank. In the picture below you can see Mikenna and a few friends floating down one of the new canals.

Please pray the Lord will continue to develop strong faith here in Hewa; the kind of faith that will not only withstand the undermining attempts of the enemy, but will grow and flourish and spread all over these remote mountains.

Thank you so much for your love, prayers and gifts!

Jonathan, Susan & Mikenna