Greetings all,

In just two weeks I will be escaping the “feel like January” month of March and enter the heat and humidity of Asia Pacific. We are thankful to report that the funds have come in for this trip, reservations and tickets have been made, and now focusing on the packing list. It always seems like a mountain of things to do before each trip – I depend heavily on a “to-do list” which I made up years ago and keep adding to, to make sure I don’t forget to do something before I leave.

As always I am looking forward to getting back with our Asia Pacific family and being together with them. My trip will take me back into the city where we had the bad earthquake where I will be spending about one week with our “Wana Team” coworkers. We have plans to turn in the O.T. portions for publication and hope that it truly happens this time. Some of us will then head to the eastern part of the island where we will be involved in some consultant visits to some of our missionary teams serving out in that region. This will be followed by a week in Wana where we will be participating in our bi-annual Wana Bible Conference in which we will be studying out of the book of Philippians. Our helicopter is down for repairs right now so we will not be able to utilize it as we normally do. There is a slight chance that we could open up an old airstrip and use the Kodiak, but it is looking more likely that I will have to go in by motorized canoe to get to the Wana village where the conference will be held. I will appreciate your prayers that my life jacket will stay dry!

We will do our best to keep you updated on the trip and thank you in advance for your prayers. We appreciate having you as a part of our team as you join with us in praying.

God Bless You!

Ed n Jeanne

A few pics from the past on our first Wana Survey October 1978!