“He spreads the snow like wool and scatters the frost like ashes.”
NIV Psalm 147:16

The amount of snow that fell recently in the Tri-Cities had not been seen in a very long time. As a matter of fact, it has been said that a snowstorm like this happens every 100 years. Therefore, it goes without saying that the winter weather of 2019 has been a dramatic departure from the mostly mild winter experience of last year.

In our Fall update I had mentioned that the Connection Center Team was praying for 20 new Associate Members for short term ministries (1-4 years) for 2019. Currently we are well on our way to reaching that number! People with skills in Education, Internet Technology, Medical, Administration, Construction and Maintenance are applying for membership with Ethnos360 and Lord willing we will see them all at the Pre-field Orientation this coming June in Florida. Our thanks go out to all who have been praying for 20 new Associates!

An associate who is serving in Hoskins, West New Britain province recently wrote, “I’m doing quite well here and so grateful to be living and serving here!” Another associate serving in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea remarks in his newsletter that God’s grace continues to sustain them and that they are thankful to be having a small role in the advancement of the Gospel. Another teaching math at a MK school in Brazil recently wrote that in every lesson he wanted his students to be pointed to a greater hope than just getting through school. So good to hear these positive words from distant lands!

At this time the Connection Center is processing many applications for Associate Membership with Ethnos360, for enrollment at the Missionary Training Center for Career service, for Volunteer service and for the Interface program (College Level Missions Course). Your prayers for discernment and effective communication by the Connection Center Team with these applicants is greatly appreciated!

A Thriving Church for Every People,
Dave and Diann Yunker
Ethnos360 Connection Center