Thank you so much for your prayers. Spring semester is off to a good start. The Christ and Culture class has been amazing. I am privileged to work with four students from four different Native nations. They have been very thoughtful and appreciative of the opportunity to study what God’s Word says about what it means to be a biblical Christian in the context of their own culture. Please  continue to pray for the Spirit’s guidance in these difficult discussions. I have four Piano and two Voice students. Please pray for wisdom for me as I guide them in developing their abilities to be used for the glory of God.

Introduction to Missions is going well so far. The 11 students are attentive and mostly engaged. Pray that God would use this class to deepen the students’ understanding of their place in global missions and to ignite in them a passion for those who do not yet know Him.

Personal Finance class has been a struggle as I work with an adjunct professor to adjust the class to best meet the current needs of the students. Pray for understanding and wisdom to know what is best for the students and for time to prepare well.

In Life Coaching and oversight of the Christian Service Assignments, pray that each student would persevere until they identify a ministry about which they can be passionate and where their gifts, experience, and background will be most useful. Pray too that I would be helpful in this process.

Praise God with me for a healthy support account, good board meetings a few weeks ago, blessed days with the students  representing Indian Bible College today at my home church here. God bless you as you serve with me in seeing young Native believers grow into godly leaders for His glory.

Martha Gushee