Hi Everyone,

I appreciate so much the prayers of God’s people, my friends and family. I am home now, and I have been trying to get my computer set up and get settled so that I can write a little update for you all. I was discharged yesterday.

We have so many friends and co-workers who have helped us, particularly those who took Corinne to see me at the rehab facility, 8 miles away. Thank you all. Now I’ll be under a physical therapist with a group who I’m told have experts on dealing with a FULL knee replacement. I believe I should be further along in stretching the new knee, but it has been only 3 weeks and some say the swelling and tightness will last at least 6 weeks. I have some friends here at the NTM Homes, retired like we are, who have had one knee or both knees done, so I look forward to comparing notes with them and getting their advice. I won’t be seeing my GP, Dr. Quinn, until this Thursday, and the surgeon, Dr. Hudanich, until Friday. Therapy starts this Wednesday, and tomorrow someone will come to get things organized for therapy 2 or 3 times per week. I am looking forward to being able to walk outside with a walker.

In prayer you might remember these points.

  1. That I will continue to trust my God and Savior and Healer, counting on him for strength and endurance to accomplish the goals set by the therapist.
  2. I’m praying for someone who really knows how to deal with the knee and the way it is acting.
  3. Restless Leg Syndrome is interfering quite a bit, even with the proper drugs to control it.
  4. Pray that I can fit in time to catch up on paper work that has been waiting for my attention.
  5. I’m thankful for Corinne’s faithfulness, enduring with me while I was away, and now she’s my fulltime nurse!
  6. Friends will be loaning a board of some kind that will allow me to use my computer in bed, because I need to keep giving Scripture portions to Jim Jora in PNG to check.
  7. Jim’s daughter, Linnen, is losing her sight and Corinne has found some supplements that are supposed to help the optic nerve and every other part of the eye. Pray that we will be able to buy these supplements and mail them them safely and securely to Jim. This product may help Corinne’s condition (sight not improving much), and it may even help my one eye which seems to growing dim. We need our eyes, Lord.

So, this is just a quick, rambling update so you all know what is happening. Thanks for your prayers. And we thank God for the extra funds some have donated to see us through these times.

The hymns, “Day by Day,” and “One Day at a Time” are my prayer these days.

In His Everlasting Love,

Tom and Corinne