Thank you so much for your prayers for us and the ministry God has blessed us with here in Slovakia and throughout Central Europe. You may not have noticed, but Elise has not done a good job sending out newsletters; yet, God continues to provide for us because of His unfailing love! Thanks for being patient with us.

We ask you to rejoice with us in the following:

  • The church planting team that God has raised up to begin a new church in Bratislava.
  • Our home church here in Bratislava, Palisady, that has chosen to be the mother church to this new church.
  • Our new sister in Christ who has been a good friend of Elise’s for several years!
  • New colleagues that arrived in Bratislava and are settling in nicely.

Please pray for these items:

  • Unity and love amongst church planting team members.
  • Great wisdom for the mother church and church planting team as we prepare to birth a new church in the spring/summer.
  • Growth for our new sister in Christ, Martina, and protection from the enemy of her soul.
  • Salvation for Daniel & Katarina (friends), Kati (Elise’s language teacher), and Maria & Juraj (neighbors of the Atkins).
  • Continued cultural adjustment and language acquisition for our new colleagues, Andrew & Kristen Hayes, as well as two year-old Henry!