Translation Update:

Thanks so much for your prayers!! The Lord has done so much here already. After being here just a couple of days, Anton and Robert from Lele came out to help me. They have been such a blessing! They both read extremely well, so it’s nice to go through it all with no pauses. We have been able to do the “final, final, final” run-through of 12 books and we are working on some more. The “long” books take more time to go through, like 1.5 days instead of just half a day!! We aren’t checking anything really, but are just reading through the book. I have come across several places where there was the same word written twice back to back!! How in the world did that slip through the other 100 times I’ve looked at it myself?!!

We also have 3 more books are ready for the big translation check coming up in a few weeks. The biggest news for me is that 10 of the books have been sent to our mission HQ and have been formatted. Once all the books are finished, in just a few weeks really, they’ll also be formatted. I have never been this far in the process, obviously, so I’m not sure exactly what comes next, but I guess we will see what else needs to be added before they can be sent to the printers!! God is so good.

On another happy note, I’m sure enjoying having Flanagans back and to catch up on all the years apart. Lord willing they will be returning to Lele in about 8 weeks, so they could use your prayers are the settle back in. They have 5 kids now instead of the 2 they had before they left, so that will be another adjustment for them!! We have had a lot of good visits and thinking about the future work in Lele. Lots of difficulties in the church now, so the Flanagans especially need wisdom. They’ll be on their own for awhile till the Lauretis return from furlough.

I gotta run as the guys will be here any minute to work again!

Thanks so much for your prayers. The Lord hears and answers.