Greetings all,

It has been awhile since we sent out an email update so thought maybe this morning I would bring you up to date. We have had lots of things happen in our lives over the past 8 months but thankfully God’s grace has been sufficient. Jeanne just returned back from a two week visit with her sister, Janet, who is in the middle of chemo and radiation therapy – they had a wonderful time together. We will appreciate you prayers for Janet.

We are thankful that Jeanne’s mom continues to improve from her hip break and the therapists now have her walking with the aid of a walker. She is quite pleased with the freedom she has from the wheelchair and is proud to show us how well she can now get around!

With the new year I find myself making plans to return to Asia Pacific. I will applying for my entry permit visa the end of this week. My plans are to depart for Asia Pacific on March 19 and return on April 22. I will have a packed full schedule as with the earthquake we had to kick the can down the road with some of our consultant visits so will have some catchup work to do.

After all the relief flying the helicopter is down for repairs and major inspections so will not be available to fly during my time there. It looks like I will get to try out some canoe travel into Wana this time as we plan for our Bible conference April 8 – 12. We will be continuing our study of Philippians so will appreciate your prayers that we would find lots of encouragement and challenge as we continue to study this book together. We will appreciate your prayers for this trip and for the needed funds to make it all happen. And pray that we won’t have any more major earthquakes this time! Thanks so much for your part on our team – we appreciate it very much.


Ed n Jeanne Casteel

P.S.. A few pics of our evacuation after the earthquake.

Yours truly waiting for the military C-130 to arrive
Out on the hot tarmac at midday – waited for about 2-3 hours. Two people passed out due to heat exhaustion – I thought I might be the 3rd 🙂
Keeping the sun off best we could. No the man dressed in black is not Johnny Cash – it is our co-worker Mike. Can’t convince me that black is cooler.
The first C-130 finally arrives and gets mobbed. Takes over an hour to disperse the crowd.
Our group loading into the C-130.
Sardine style seating arrangements. I stood up the whole way hanging on to the cable running the length of the plane.