Dear family and friends,

Step by Step

He does not lead me, year by year

Nor even day by day,

But step by step my path unfolds;

My Lord directs my way.


Tomorrow’s plans I do not know,

I only know this minute;

But He will say, “This is the way,

By faith now walk ye in it.”
(Barbara C. Ryberg)

The words of the first two stanzas of this poem are SO true. We are thankful for the Lord leading us step by step and each minute of every day.

We are now well into our volunteer season. Our RV court on the property is full of RVs. During the winter months our staff is thrilled and thankful for the folks that join us as reinforcements. This year there are two big projects that keep many of our volunteers and staff occupied. Ground has been broken for a new duplex. Each day you can see the progress that has been made.

The other project is a cement block retaining wall on the side of Lake Latham. Even though it has the name of a lake, it is really a retention pond that helps with drainage from the heavy rainfalls that are common here in central Florida. Lake Latham also gives a pleasing and calming atmosphere to our retirement center. Brad has been documenting the progress by taking photos of both projects. After the wall is completed, they will still need to put in a new side walk and railing as well as some new grass. You see a recent photo of the project above.

Another one of our volunteers has been a huge blessing to me personally. Lee lives in our local area and comes one day each week to help out on the housekeeping team. She cleans 3 resident rooms and the public bathrooms. Lee also helps me with other misc. cleaning projects as time allows. She truly enjoys cleaning and interacting with our older residents. Since we continue to have a need for ladies to help clean the 26 resident rooms and the common or public areas in our building, Lee has been a God send. She is pictured to the left.

Prayer requests:

  • Brad keeps busy with the extra work related to finances concerning the two building projects along with his normal financial responsibilities.
  • Brad enjoys using his camera to document the building projects. See
  • Pray for safety for our staff and volunteers (heavy equipment, ladders, tools, etc. afford opportunity for injuries).
  • We continue to have some critical staff needs here at NTM Homes. This includes housekeepers, administration, maintenance, grounds crew, nursing (RN), and cooks.
  • There are some serious health concerns for a number of our retirees at this time.
  • Pray for laborers. There are still many unreached people groups around the world.
  • Missionaries are learning language and culture, translating scriptures, teaching the message of the good news, and mentoring believers.

By His grace,

Brad & Wanda Hull