“…must be a generational thing,” someone said to me recently as we were discussing proper etiquette on an important versus inconsequential matter. That “generational thing” rears its head all too frequently in this day and age. Even in isolated villages the effects of our current era have an impact on the youth of today. So — how do mature PNG Christian leaders communicate Christ in relevant ways among the adolescent members of their communities? And how can young tribal believers influence their peers toward seeing their need of Christ as their Savior, and then walking thru life close to Him?

This week we’ll be hosting a large-ish group (number yet unknown) of church leaders and younger Christian men who are currently active as youth leaders in their respective villages. They will be coming from 8 language groups and will meet specifically to address this matter. National church leaders from the PNG Islands churches have arrived to teach this workshop geared to aid the tribal church leaders and these younger believers as they seek to relate and be a positive influence among their cohorts. To quote fellow missionary Lourens Laureti, “The purpose is to bring these young believers who are engaging with Christ together, and see them identify better as a body and develop a Biblical vision for their generation. “ Lourens added,

… these events …. are being driven by the church in New Britain (province) and we have some key leaders who are engaging together to facilitate some of these events and other helps. We are super excited about this as this is the next step in the church planting effort in PNG, which sees the national church functioning together and self-sufficiently to sustain themselves spiritually and in other areas. These key leaders are carrying the burden of the work but we are trying to support them in some ways from time to time, as we work with them and disciple
them and they disciple us.

Won’t you please be praying with us regarding this workshop?

  • Pray for men now enroute – those who have ocean voyages for part of their journey to get here face high winds and rough seas. Others are navigating the rivers and coming by outboard motor canoe to where the river meets the road. They’ll then find a truck to bring them the rest of the way town.
  • Materials / booklets for the workshop have not yet been finalized and readied for printing. Pray that these can be sent in soon so they will be ready when the training sessions begin on Monday.
  • The logistics of preparing for this 5 day gathering are daunting – not knowing how many are coming, etc. Fellow missionaries John & Christina Hutteman are heading up the arrangements. May God continue to give them wisdom and insight to help them know how to prepare, and the strength and stamina for seeing it all transpire!
  • Pray for the hearts of the church leaders and the younger fellows who attend – that they will benefit from the time and be humbly challenged to take these truths and guidelines back to their villages and implement them in their local churches.
  • Pray for those who are not able to come – that jealousies won’t harden their hearts against the Lord.
  • It is hoped that this workshop taught by Islands church leaders will help enable mature Christian men from our own province to be able to help carry on this teaching to other language groups in our region. Please pray with us to that end!

Thank you again for standing together with us in the work God is doing here in Papua New Guinea. You are greatly appreciated and we are grateful for your part on the team!
Co-laboring to bring back Christ as King!
Hope Sharp